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InControl, Centralized management for Peplink Multi-WAN Load Balancer, Pepwave Wi-Fi Devices
works with peplink multi-wan load balancer works with pepwave wi-fi products
InControl has different types of report and support managing thousands of devices in one single unified mangement interface.
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Start using InControl by registering your Pepwave OfficePoint / AP One / PolePoint / MAX and Peplink Balance devices.

Simple, Powerful, Integrated

InControl allows you to manage all of your Peplink and Pepwave devices with one unified system. You can generate reports, gather statistics, control guest access, and even configure your gear automatically! All of this is now possible with InControl.
Free, No Commitment, No Strings Attached

InControl is free for all Peplink and Pepwave customers to use.  No expensive controllers, no complicated installation, no IT department necessary. InControl gives you another option for managing your equipment, but it is completely optional. All of our products will work without InControl if you choose not to use it.

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